Where It All Started

The Birth Of The Supra Registry

Now, you might be wondering how we got this data, and if it is even remotely accurate.

Unbeknownst to all but those who worked on this project, our associates were given access to Toyota’s personal database for every single one of the Supras that they produced, a breakthrough that saved us an unimaginable amount of work.

Despite the significant time investment required for compiling the data, we persevered until the end, ensuring that we deliver nothing short of the best information to you.

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The Origin Story

Version 4.0 the Latest and Greatest

Finally after all of these years, as we appraoch our 10 year anniversary, we decided to completely revamp the website using Unified InfoTech. This was a cruicial and massive upgrade from our previous versions. This upgrade gave us a whole new backend that allowed complete custimization and freedom to build and grow like never before. 

I cannot be happier with the outcome and the site speaks for itself. 

Version 3.0

After 5 years of intensive data entry, website scrapping, carfax data pulls, and verifications we re-did the site again with a graphics update to help refresh the site. 

Version 3.0 went live on June 19, 2022 at 11:45PM PST 

Version 2.0 Launch Day

After the first live launch of the site, I found that the way the site was built could not be sustained due to the enourmous amount of data. We were using Wordpress which was simply not going to cut it. 

I teamed up with Greg Brock who transitiioned the site from wordpress to MYSQL. This allowed us to have faster response times. 

Version 2.0 went live on October 10, 2017 at 5PM EST. 

Launch Day

TheSupraRegistry.com launch date was on this day September 21st, 2016 @3:45pm EST. 

Starting to create an excel with over 500 cars

During 2015 I started to figure out a pattern with the Supras being in chronological order. I was able to then put together an excel sheet with every MKIV supra ever made. I then teamed up with John Vu, Heather Nguyen, John Nguyen, Peter Uong, and Thomas Hoang to help me with data entry. This was the most painful part as we manually had to enter each frame 1 by 1 into Toyotas database to pull the records of the OEM data and then manually input that into my excel sheet. This took months of labor but in the end we were able to get it done. 

The Summer of 2014 - The Start

Back in 2014 I (Anthony Recine) started to pull data from various sites such as Ebay for sale ads, Autotrader, Craigslist and others. I would log the vin, color, engine, trans and other specs into excel. 







/ the evolution

Since this method required our team to look up just one car’s information at a time, it took just over five years of hard work to complete.

This website was meticulously crafted with the sole purpose of housing this invaluable data. Witnessing the shortcomings of similar platforms plagued by poor and inconsistent information, The Supra Registry was spurred into action. Despite the arduous journey spanning several years to consolidate this wealth of data, we remained steadfast in our commitment to deliver the most comprehensive and reliable information available.

Throughout this endeavor, we painstakingly amassed an impressive repository of 45,230 records for the MKIV Supra, spanning the globe. This project was truly a labor of passion, as each entry required manual input, reflecting our unwavering dedication to accuracy and detail.