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Last update September 2017

This website was created for the sole purpose of hosting this data, and after seeing similar websites that have both poor and inconsistent data, we at The Supra Registry knew something had to be done. Even though it took us several years to compile all of this data into one place, we pulled through in the end to provide you with the best information at our disposal. Over that timespan, we have compiled an impressive total of 45,230 records for the MKIV Supra, including the ones all over the world. This project was quite a labor of love because we had to manually input all of the data for each of those cars by hand.

Now, you might be wondering how we got this data, and if it is even remotely accurate. Unbeknownst to all but those who worked on this project, our associates were given access to Toyota’s personal database for every single one of the Supras that they produced, a breakthrough that saved us an unimaginable amount of work. Because of that, we were able to cut down our timeframe for this project by at least a few years. Before we had access to this database, we were scouring the internet and jotting down the VIN for each Supra we came across, then manually inputted that data into our spreadsheet which is available on the sidebar on the right, organized by sales year.

With that being said, we were not able to find 112 records. After hours of searching the internet, we were unable to find any trace of those cars. In time, I firmly believe we will complete our database for the benefit of all!

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